ADF Certified User Training for Triage-G2 PRO

ADF Certified User Training for Triage-G2 PRO

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ADF Solutions digital forensic experts designed the Triage-G2 PRO Certified Training as online learning to equip non-technical investigators with the knowledge and skills they need to use Triage-G2 PRO to perform forensic triage to collect and extract evidence from computers and digital media. The class is self-paced. 

The class is self-paced. Learners typically take approximately 20 hours to successfully complete the exercises and the final certification exam.  

This self-paced course contains a combination of lectures, videos, hands-on exercises, knowledge checks, and tests. A passing grade is required to obtain the ADF Triage-G2 PRO Certified User Certificate.


  • Introductions and getting started with Triage-G2 PRO
  • Triage and field use cases
  • Preserving digital evidence and the boot process
  • Installation and preparing a collection key
  • Introduction to the Triage-G2 user interface
  • Using a collection key to extract digital evidence
  • Case Study 1: Screens, Layouts, Controls
  • Case Study 2: Targeted Folders and Using Hashing
  • Case Study 3: Keyword Usage
  • Case Study 4: Custom Search Profiles
  • File Identification
  • Search Profile Lab
  • Advanced Concepts
  • Triage-G2 - Final Exam 

PRO Module: Mobile Device Investigator

  • Overview and terminology
  • Connecting a mobile device
  • Preview Mode
  • Conducting a scan
    • Taking Screenshots
    • Search Profiles
    • Creating backups
  • Creating Mobile Search Profiles
  • Analyzing Mobile Evidence  
  • PRO Module Final Exam

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