Digital Evidence Investigator 1 Year Subscription Maintenance and Support (Renewal)

Digital Evidence Investigator 1 Year Renewal

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For your Digital Evidence Investigator® 1 Year Subscription Maintenance and Support, we will need your license number as your support code for your current license. Please visit How to find your ADF License Support Code for instructions locating your license number.

ADF Digital Evidence Investigator® (DEI) is the best digital forensic investigation tool for investigators worldwide. ADF Digital Evidence Investigator® provides on-scene and lab investigators with the rapid automated collection, analysis and reporting on digital evidence. DEI is ideal for:
  • Law Enforcement (Police, Sheriffs, Digital Crime Units, ICAC Task Forces)
  • Military (Special Operations, Forward Operators)
  • Corporations (HR, Legal Teams, Corporate Investigators, IT/Cyber Security)
  • Universities (University Police, Security, IT Security)
Easily adapting to rapidly evolving digital forensic needs and circumstances, DEI is all about speed, scalability, ease-of-use, and relevant results. DEI is a fully automated and highly configurable artifact and file collection tool. Relevant social media, peer to peer file sharing, web browsing, and email data can be quickly recovered along with many other file types. You can also minimize and eliminate the need for complex configurations, manually parsing files, or running multiple scripts.
For information on multi-year renewals, please talk to sales