ADF Rosoka Add-on 3 Year

Rosoka Add-On 3 Year Subscription Maintenance and Support

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ADF has partnered with Rosoka Software, Inc.  The Rosoka Add-on brings an additional power of analysis to ADF's suite of digital forensic software to support text analysis with Multilingual Entity Extraction from Unstructured Data. 

The Rosoka Add-on 3 Year (Beta)

  • Identifies over 40 different entity types
  • Simultaneous extraction in over 230+ different languages 
  • Powerful Gisting / Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities built-in 

Add-on Requirement: 

As this is an add-on, a license of one of the following products is required for each Rosoka Add-On.  

Please note, Rosoka functionality is included as standard with Triage-G2® and Triage-G2® PRO and is available as an add-on for any other ADF product listed above.