Triage-G2 with Rosoka Add-On 3 Year Subscription Maintenance and Support (Renewal)

Triage-G2® 3 Year Subscription Maintenance and Support (Renewal)

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ADF Triage-G2® is the award-winning media exploitation tool deployed by special forces, military and intelligence agencies worldwide. The tool has a proven track record supporting site exploitation operations (including DOMEX, MEDEX, and biometric identity). Triage-G2® is ideal for:
  • Intelligence Agents
  • Special Police
  • Private Investigators
  • Military (Special Operations, Forward Operators)
Designed for non-technical operators, a simple two-step process is all it takes to perform rapidly scan, extract, and analyze critical intelligence from computers and digital devices. The tool can be deployed for reconnaissance on a small, portable USB key.
For your Triage-G2® Software Maintenance Subscription Renewal, we will need your license number as your support code for your current license. Please visit How to find your Support Code for instructions locating your license number.