Triage-Investigator 1 Year Subscription Maintenance and Support (Renewal)

Triage-Investigator® 1 Year Subscription Maintenance and Support (Renewal)

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For your Triage-Investigator® Subscription Maintenance and Support, we will need your license number as your support code for your current license. Please visit How to find your Support Code for instructions locating your license number.

ADF Triage-Investigator® is ADF's award-winning intelligent forensic tool designed for field deployment. The tool has a proven track record of providing easy and quick access to court defendable evidence to process cases. Use Triage-Investigator® to leverage field investigators to assist forensic labs with rapid collection, analysis, reporting, and management of digital backlogs. Triage-Investigator® is ideal for:
  • Law Enforcement (Police, Sheriffs, Digital Crime Units, ICAC Task Forces)
  • Military (Special Operations, Forward Operators)
  • Corporations (HR, Legal Teams, Corporate Investigators, IT/Cyber Security)
  • Universities (University Police, Security, IT Security)
Triage-Investigator® is easy-to-use, easily configurable, supports a wide array of computer hardware, has powerful boot capabilities, is forensically sound, and comes with technical support and regular upgrades.
For information on multi-year renewals, please talk to sales