Upgrade from Triage-Responder to Triage-Investigator®

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For the upgrade, we will need the support code for your current license. Please enter this in the above field. Please visit How to find the your Support Code for instructions.




Upgrade your Triage-Responder license to Triage-Investigator today!

Anyone with an active license of Triage-Responder qualifies to upgrade their licenses to Triage-Investigator.  The software upgrade is free of charge.  For each license you are upgrading you will need a new authentication key and we highly recommend you upgrade the collection drive for your kits.  The recommended collection drive is a 250GB SSD Samsung T3 drive that has been tested for speed, increased capacity and will significantly improve performance.  As an important added benefit, you will be able to use both the previous version and new version for the remainder of your license term.